About Us

The Action Mobility Foundation, AMF, is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit that was formed in February 2015. AMF works within the disability community providing charitable grants to assist with financial and mobility needs. These grants help provide the Action Trackchair and Action Trackstander to individuals who have limited mobility due to paralysis, spinal cord injury, disease and other conditions that prevent full mobility.

AMF Board Members:
Donna Swenson, President
Joyce Strootman, Treasurer
Susanne Lee
Karen Gruhot
Jennifer VanKeulen

ActionTrack Fishing

The Action Trackchair and Trackstander are outdoor all-terrain power wheelchairs with tracks. They enable people with mobility limitations to go where their indoor standard wheelchair cannot go. The Trackchairs can navigate through sand, snow, mud, shallow streams, woods, grass, and rough terrain. People with compromised mobility can now enjoy going to the river to fish, going into the woods to hunt, going to the beach with their family and much more. The Trackchairs give people independence and an improved quality of life. People are able to once again enjoy doing activities they once loved to do or do things that they have never been able to do before. Learn more at www.actiontrackchair.com.

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